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Medical Insurance and Student Fees

Medical insurance is now required for all Health Sciences Center students. The school's group insurance plan is with United Healthcare. The premium of $1,204/year (2011-12) for the basic student coverage is among the least expensive plans. Coverage for spouse and/or child(ren) is available for additional cost. Please call Auxiliary Enterprises at 713-500-8400 for information about United Healthcare or to request a waiver of the automatic United fee if you have alternate coverage with another insurance carrier.

You may also look into the Texas Medical Association's medical insurance at 1-800-880-8181. One advantage to the TMA insurance is that you carry it with you (no breaks in coverage and no pre-existing conditions) even if you leave the state.

You are required by the University to pay a Student Health Fee of $163.35 per year(2008-2009). With this fee, you can access healthcare in the clinic and see a nurse or physician at no charge for minimal or limited/minor problems. This involves a focused history and an exam with a straightforward medical decision (i.e. conjunctivitis "pink eye"). Your insurance coverage will be applied thereafter for higher complexity visits.

Needlestick Hotline

The Needlestick Hotline is a service provided to students and residents who sustain an exposure to blood or body fluids during their training. The hotline can be accessed by paging (713)500-OUCH; this is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The pager will be answered by Student Health nurses serving as "exposure coordinators" who will evaluate a student's risk, order the necessary laboratory evaluation, and determine if prophylactic medications are needed. One of the clinic staff physicians is available as well for back-up.

Regardless of where the student is working when the exposure occurs (any hospital or clinic), the Needlestick Hotline should be notified immediately after injury. The cost for the student will be covered by the clinic if this protocol is followed. If the student chooses to seek help from another physician or emergency room center, the costs will not be covered by the clinic; the student will be responsible for all costs.



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