Student retreat 2008


About Retreat:

Retreat is a great chance to meet your future classmates/colleagues in a non-stressful environment. Many of the second and third years students come back to participate in the 31 year tradition, along with many of the professors and alumni that you will encounter during your first year of medical school. Retreat is a great chance to just sit back, relax and have a fabulous time!

You are more than welcome to bring your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend so that they can share in the experience with you. It is an opportunity for you, as an incoming student, to allow us to entertain you.
What's going down?

Meet Up:

We will be meeting at 7:30 AM to load onto busses at the UT Rec Center (see map).  Be sure to park in the streets or in the parking lot on the left side; avoid parking in the actual rec center parking lot.  There will be a registration table set up, so be sure to get your packet and bus assignment.  Please be on time, we don't want to leave without you!!


You'll be welcomed into the UT Houston family and introduced to some faculty members, including your advisors for the upcoming school year.  You'll have a chance to get into some workout gear, then we'll roll into some outdoor games at the Med School Olympics—this is where you get to see what your classmates are made of. 

You'll have a small break to clean up and change into your costume for the evening's events.  Costumes, by the way, are optional... NOT!!!  Everyone wears one, so don't be 2 cool 4 school, sport your best 90s wear or imitate an icon of the period.  (See 'What to Bring' for details) The evening will start with a show put on by the second years.  Complete with song and dance, the skit is meant to bring some fun into the evening, and (possibly) enlighten you about your first year of med school.  Your professors are even making some cameo appearances, so get ready for a few laughs.

The night is still young!  It's now time for what you've all been waiting for, the official Retreat Party!!!  You'll have a chance to kick back and mingle with your classmates and some of your professors.  Speaking of party, don't forget your costume!!!  Prizes to be awarded to the most totally tubular outfits.


This is when you'll have a chance to get into things and find answers to some of the thousands of questions running through your head right now.  Various workshops are planned, over everything from residency to relationships.  Be sure to check them out on the Registration Form and sign up for the workshops that interest you.  After a few closing remarks, we will head back to Houston and say goodbye to Camp Allen for another year.  The busses will arrive in Houston at approximately 3 PM.

Retreat is an unforgettable experience.  Many of us met our closest friends through the course of the weekend and forged lasting memories.  You really don’t want to miss out on this incredible weekend!  Be sure to send us your registration form and pay via the links on the right.  Sign up today!