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Case 3: A student did not meet with his assigned Physical Diagnosis preceptor for the 3rd block and did not attempt to correct the situation until the last week of the block. He said that he was in a car accident at the beginning of the block and that he and his wife, who had a job, had to manage with one car. He was working at a full-time job 30 miles away from the TMC. He was also sick early in the block. He said he could not manage all his obligations without a car. SCAIP members deliberated without a jury. It was decided that he had many issues to resolve. For one thing, he had chosen to place his job on a higher priority than school. For another, he had not been responsible enough to make arrangement early in the block. It was decided that because student loans are available and that med school is a full time commitment he should not have a job and could not use work as an excuse for failing to complete his assignments.

SCAIP members talked about the attitude problems of some MS I's and MS II's who think of those two years as "correspondence courses." Because failure to complete a preceptorship is grounds for failing Physical Diagnosis, SCAIP gave the course director two suggestions: 1) allow him to complete the preceptorship over spring break, but be assigned an MP in the class with the further requirement to go to counseling to help him sort out his priorities before third year starts, OR 2) same as (1) above but he could pass the class but have a letter about the incident in his blue book. Subsequently, the student met with the Student Evaluation and Promotions Committee (composed of faculty) and was required to take the remainder of the year off in order to address his financial issues and return next year to repeat the second year.