Student Committee for Academic Integrity and Professionalism









SCAIP 2004-2005 Questionnaire

Class of 2008 Results

For each multiple choice response, the percentage of your classmates who chose that response is given in bold.

Please read each of the following scenarios and give your honest opinion in choosing the multiple-choice response that best reflects your views on the matters discussed. Your name is not required to complete the form. Please return the completed form to Student Affairs, Room 5.001.

Scenario 1: While standing in line during a lunch lecture, you witness a student sign in for a student you know is not in attendance that day. How would you respond to the situation?

  1. (23%) Do nothing, since nothing actually wrong has been done.
  2. (53%) Privately address the student about the incident.
  3. (23%) Inform a member of SCAIP that an infraction has occurred.
  4. (1%) Write a letter to the Dean about what you saw.

Scenario 2: While sitting for an exam, you notice that a student a few rows in front of you seemed to have pulled paper out of his pocket and placed it under his seat. How would you respond to the situation?

  1. (9%) Dismiss the event because you might be mistaken.
  2. (23%) After the exam, ask the student about what you saw.
  3. (56%) Submit an email to SCAIP concerning a possible infraction.
  4. (12%) Immediately inform a proctor that you suspect foul play.

Scenario 3: A fellow classmate repeatedly wears short skirts and low-cut blouses to clinical sessions. How would you respond to the situation?

  1. (10%) Since clothing doesn't really affect patient care, you don't need to do anything.
  2. (60%) Give her hints that more professional attire would better suit the situation.
  3. (21%) Submit an email to SCAIP concerning the unprofessional behavior.
  4. (9%) Discuss the student's unprofessional dress with the course director.

Scenario 4: At the end of one of your clinical rotations, you realize that the attending physician stated an incorrect number of absences on your evaluation, placing you in jeopardy of failing the rotation. Unfortunately, the attending just left for vacation for the week and the form needs to be turned in the next day. How would you respond to the situation?

  1. (6%) Submit the form as-is and address the incorrect information later.
  2. (86%) Turn in the form, but attach a letter stating your opinion on what should be listed.
  3. (7%) Withhold the form until the attending physician returns from vacation.
  4. (1%) Alter the form so that it reflects the correct information.