Student Committee for Academic Integrity and Professionalism










Article I.

Section 1. The name of this organization shall be the Student Committee for Academic Integrity and Professionalism (SCAIP).

Section 2. The purpose shall conform to the prewritten mission statement:

  • To promote a culture of professionalism and academic integrity at UT-Houston Medical School.
  • To instill in all students a sense of responsibility and accountability for developing and maintaining the values of a physician-in-training, as outlined by the UT Health Science Center at Houston's policies on academic behavior. Such responsibility may extend to serving on a panel of randomly selected student jurors to hear cases of academic dishonesty and to advise the Dean of Students on their disposition.
  • To constitute a group of Student Representatives that will be responsible for coordinating education of their peers on the above-mentioned UT-Houston Medical School policies; acting as confidential student liaisons for confirming and/or reporting incidents of potential academic dishonesty; advising students selected for hearings on proper procedure; advising the Dean of Students on matters not requiring a juror hearing; and promoting academic and personal integrity in all aspects of medical education at UT-Houston Medical School.

Article II.

Section 1. Active Membership. The committee shall consist of four members per class. Those students involved in the charter committee will serve as members until they choose not to do so or graduate.

Section 2. Member Selection. Members will be selected at the beginning of each spring semester by the following methods to be conducted by existing members of the committee in the preceding classes of the candidates under selection:

1.       All interested candidates are required to submit letters of intent to the current committee in January of each year.

2.       Two members will be selected by a general election of their peers.

3.       The remaining candidates will be evaluated by the Dean of Students and two more members will be appointed by him/her.

4.       Each member will serve for a period of one year, except for "fourth year" members who retain membership until graduation.

Article III.

Section 1. The officers shall be a president, a chairman of the advisory sub-committee, a chairman of the educational sub-committee, a secretary, and a webmaster.

Section 2. Officers shall be elected in April of each year by active members of the committee.

Section 3. The duties of the officers shall be those consistent with their offices, and they shall serve for a period of one year.

Article IV.

Section 1. There shall be at least four meetings each year. Reports shall be made by officers, standing and special committees; officers shall be nominated and elected in a meeting in April.

Section 2. Special meetings may be called at any time by order of the Dean of Students, the president, or at the request the members. Meetings not requiring a vote can consist of any combination of active members, with at least one officer present. At all meetings, eight members shall constitute a quorum. It is permissible to conduct a vote by email on matters between meetings that require urgent attention.

Article V.

These bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting by a majority vote of the members present, provided a quorum is present, and provided that notice has been given to members at least 30 days prior to the meeting at which the amendment is to be voted upon.