Posting signs about other classmates


An MSI student admitted to posting offensive signs about two of his fellow classmates on common bulletin boards in the Medical School.A jury was called and heard from the student who placed the signs as well as the students who were depicted on them.The jury submitted the following recommendations to the Dean for Student Affairs:

  1. The student who posted the posters should publicly apologize to the students depicted on the posters.
  2. The student should start an arbitration process at the medical school to help students resolve issues without the intervention of the administration or SCAIP.
  3. The student should give a speech about professionalism to the entering class each year until he graduates.
  4. The student should talk to his classmates about the negative consequences of emailing or posting insulting information about classmates.
  5. Information about the incident should remain in the studentís file but not be included in his blue book letter.