All students must take and pass the Comprehensive Clinical Competency Examination (CCCE) prior to graduation.


The CCCE is administered in May during the MSIII year, with a remediation session scheduled during the following August.

UTMS-H students, including MD/PhD students, who progress through the third-year clinical clerkships on a regular schedule, will take the CCCE in May during their required third-year clinical clerkships.

Students who delay the start of their third-year or are off-track for any reason will take the CCCE during August or the following May depending on which exam administration falls closest to the conclusion of the required third-year clerkships.

Grading: The exam is listed as a Pass/Fail item on the transcript. All students will receive a letter regarding their performance on the examination.


First Attempt

         If a student does not pass on the first attempt:

o        CCCE Committee will notify the Office of Student Affairs and the SEPC.

o        No grade is issued.

o        The student will receive a letter from the CCCE Committee.

         The student is required to view the videotape of the exam encounters in a supervised environment; viewing of this videotape must occur within one week of the date on the notification letter.

         The student is required to meet with a CCCE Committee Member about the deficiencies identified; the meeting with the CCCE Committee Member must occur within 2 weeks of the date on the notification letter.

Second Attempt

         If a student does not pass on the second attempt, the exam will be listed as a Fail grade on the transcript.

o        The Student Evaluation and Promotions Committee will determine the appropriate action in the context of the student's overall performance and record in medical school.



If the failing student is allowed by the SEPC to remediate the deficiency, the following procedure will be prescribed: