Criminal Background Check Policy and Procedures


1.      All accepted applicants will be required to sign the criminal background check (CBC) letter from the admissions office.


2.      Applicant will be directed to the approved vendor website to complete the paperwork for the criminal background check:   

a.       Applicant will be required to fill out a release for the vendor providing identifying information, including, but not limited to current and prior residence.

b.      Applicant will pay vendor directly.

c.       Applicant will be required to register for background check in timely manner; it should take around 4-7 days for report to be received. The background check report must be received by the Admissions Office before the student will be allowed to begin classes.  If an applicant is accepted without enough time to have a background check completed prior to the first day of class, the applicant’s acceptance in or continuation of medical school is contingent upon the results of the background check, and the acceptance letter will so indicate.


3.      The Admissions Office will access the vendor website to review the background check results for each applicant.

a.       Admissions Staff will record whose reports have been received in database.

b.      Admissions Staff will TIFF image each report and import the file into the applicants’ documentum folder

c.       All files will be reviewed by Admissions Office staff and a subcommittee of the Admissions/Executive Committee.

                                             i.            Files will be reviewed on a scheduled basis or as needed.

                                           ii.            Subcommittee will review the electronic report.

                                          iii.            Every report will be reviewed by the subcommittee.

                                         iv.            A CBC committee date will be entered in database.


If something is discovered in a background check report not previously disclosed on the student’s application, a copy of the report will be provided to the student.  The student will be informed that the vendor was not involved in any decision adverse to the student, will be informed how to contact the vendor, and shall have the opportunity to challenge the accuracy or completeness of the report with the vendor.  If an applicant is found to have misrepresented or withheld information that should have been disclosed on the application, the applicant’s acceptance may be rescinded.


Additional background checks may be required by the Office of Student Affairs later in the student’s medical education.


Criminal background information is strictly confidential, for use only by authorized Medical School personnel, and shall be retained only until the student graduates or is dismissed from the School. 



Policy on Post-enrollment Background Checks for Medical Students


During the spring semester prior to the third year, students will be asked to declare if they have been charged with or convicted of a felony or misdemeanor, or received deferred adjudication for either a felony or misdemeanor charge (other than Class C misdemeanor traffic violations), or were otherwise subject to “community supervision” or probation (regardless of the entry of a plea or an adjudication of guilt) in the period following their acceptance to medical school and/or their pre-admission background check and the date of the declaration, and shall provide consent for the Medical School to receive the results of a criminal background check. The cost of the background check shall be paid by the student, and collected by the vendor.  Students who fail to file the student declaration and/or fail to pay for and/or provide the results of a criminal background check in compliance with this provision shall not be permitted to progress to the third year.


The Office of Student Affairs will collect the student declaration/consent forms and will refer student disclosures and background check findings to the Student Evaluation and Promotions Committee (SEPC).  If the background check reports a criminal charge or conviction, deferred adjudication, and/or community supervision or probation not disclosed by the student, that information will be communicated to the student, who will be asked to provide a written explanation of the charge, conviction, deferred adjudication, and/or community supervision or probation  along with any relevant documentation.  The SEPC will consider the pertinent facts and circumstances, and take the action it deems appropriate with respect to, among other things, the nature of the charge, conviction, or deferred adjudication, its seriousness, whether it affects the student’s ability to obtain a medical license, and whether the student disclosed the information prior to the background check.


The student may appeal the decision of the Student Evaluation and Promotions Committee to the Dean, whose decision will be final.



Final 7-17-07