Page Title: A New Pace For Teaching

No one ever wants to be a physician’s first emergency. With medical therapies becoming increasingly complex and patient safety increasingly scrutinized, the need for innovative medical education has never been greater.

The UT Medical School’s new Surgical & Clinical Skills Center combines a well-established clinical training program with sophisticated surgical simulation in one state-of-the-art learning center. Trainees will be able to repeatedly experience “controlled emergencies” using simulated patients. They will learn and practice complicated procedures in a realistic medical setting with all of the drama and none of the risk.

From practice to perfection, this center will instill a level of excellence in medical trainees that will translate directly to the patients they serve.

The UT Medical School has launched a $15 million campaign to build out and equip the Surgical & Clinical Skills Center. Now, we need your help to complete this unique facility.

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  • An opportunity to train their representatives on their products using real operating room techniques
  • A research lab to test their products in the hands of the physicians who will be using them
  • A chance to strengthen their teaching affiliations with the university and increase their exposure to other health professionals in the community
  • An increased reputation in our academic and scientific communities
  • A compelling recruitment tool to attract the best and brightest students and faculty
  • A unique opportunity for the center to become financially self-sufficient and sustain itself ongoing
  • An enhanced level of quality in local health care as a result of better training for physicians and other health professionals
  • A chance to experience first-hand the forefront of medical education
  • A resource for the continuing education of the health care professionals locally and beyond
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