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F. Gerard Moeller, M.D.



F. Gerard Moeller, M.D., Louis A. Faillace Professor of Psychiatry, is Director of the UT Houston Center for Neurobehavioral Research on Addictions (CNRA). Dr. Moeller has been funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) to do clinical research on addictions since 1996 and is a recipient of a NIDA Indipendent Scientist Award (K02). Dr. Moeller has over 110 peer-reviewed publications, primarily in addictions and related disorders. He is Principal Investigator for the Substance Abuse Medication Develpment Research Center (P50 DA009262), which was renewed for an additional 5 years in August 2010.

Dr. Moeller is a member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine and has extensive clinical experience in the treatment of drug and alcohol addictions. He is the Medical Director of the treatment research clinic in the CNRA, where hundreds of patients have participated in clinical treatment studies for opiate, cocaine, alcohol and nicotine dependence.

Dr. Moeller is an adjoint faculty member at the Department of NanoMedicine and Biomedical Engineering at UTHealth and an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Pharmacology at UTMB Health.


University of St. Thomas, Houston, TX, B.A., Liberal Arts, 1981        

University of Texas Health Science Center At Houston, M.D.,1985             

University of California-San Diego, Post Doc, Clinical Psychopharmacology, 1988                 

Clinical and Research Interests:

Addictions and related behavioral problems, including impulsivity and decision-making.

Medication development for addictions.

Treatment of addictions using combined behavioral and pharmacotherapy.

Publications (selected):

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  • Moeller, F.G., Schmitz, J.M., Herin, D., Kjome, K.L. Use of stimulants to treat cocaine and methamphetamine abuse. Current Psychiatry Reports (In Press)


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