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Internal Medicine display...

Putting your best foot forward.

The Department of Internal Medicine’s offices were redesigned recently, and a display area was created to welcome guests to the suite. The Office of Communications was contacted for creative help, and the results are seen here. Using the department’s mission statement, the official seal of the medical school, and a list of divisions, our office created the 3-piece plexiglass display, designed the look, and worked with Terry Pro to fabricate the panels. The addition of LED lighting surrounding the area highlights the floating panels.

Internal Medicine display

Click on the image to view the fullsize display.

Bringing ideas to life. That’s what our graphic designers do. If you have a project that needs a visual “hook” or you want your department’s brochure to stand out in a crowd, give us a call. Let our graphic designers create your project quickly, with your needs in mind. The sky’s the limit. You’re only limited by OUR creative minds.

The more you know...

When you want to discuss printing a job, consider these items. Know your quantity of printed pieces. Know the size of your project. Types of paper affect cost.

But printed pieces are expensive!

A two-color printed piece can be very eye-catching, and decrease your cost.

Poster time again?

Need some advice on getting the most out of your poster productions for output on our HP Designjet Z6100 large-format printer? Get them on our Poster Tips & Tricks page.

Coloring your world

To print a color photograph requires using 4-color process. All colors can be created using cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.

So how much is this gonna cost me?

Printing quotes are available upon request.

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What's keeping us busy...

Our graphic designers can help you produce brochures, newsletters, logos, t-shirts, postcards, illustrations, and three-dimensional displays.

Emergency Medicine display...

The Emergency Medicine department was going on a recruitment trip to Chicago. They contacted our department for creative help and the rest is history. This is just one of the solutions we created for our clients. Click on the images to view more.

Emergency Medicine display

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