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The department offers a broad-based educational experience in the practice of anesthesiology and related disciplines. In addition to the traditional area of intraoperative care, emphasis is placed on preoperative patient evaluation and preparation and on postoperative management. Intensive experience is offered in both the outpatient and inpatient areas. The department accentuates management of the critically ill patient, acute and chronic pain management, and the role of hyperbaric medicine. Through clinical, classroom, and laboratory teaching, the program is designed to provide the student with the opportunity to combine a broad background in the basic sciences with the skills and judgment of clinical anesthesia. The student is exposed to research conferences, visiting professor lectures, and a broad-based didactic program that provides a varied and rich learning environment.

Professor and Chair
Arens, James, F., M.D.

Vice Chair and Professor
Butler, Bruce, Ph.D.
Warters, David, M.D.

Joseph C. Gabel, M.D. Chair and

Drake, Robert E., Ph.D.

Roy M. and Phyllis Gough Huffington Distinguished Professor in Anesthesiology
Katz, Jeffrey, M.D.

Hagberg, Carin A., M.D.
Khalil, Samia, M.D.
Larson, Stephen M., D.M.D.

Associate Professors
Doursout, Marie F, Ph.D.
Fife, Caroline E., M.D.
Gebhard, Ralf, M.D.
Gottschalk, Lewis, M.D.
Koch, Stephen M., M.D.
Luehr, Susan L. M.D.
Matuszczak, Maria, M.D.
Novy, Diane, Ph.D.
Pivalizza, Evan, M.D.
Rabb, Mary, M.D.
Sciard, Didier, M.D.
Sheinbaum, Roy, M.D.
Szmuk, Peter, M.D.
Uzoni‑Boecker, Catherine, M.D.

Assistant Professors
Abramson, Steven, M.D.
Adebayo, Gbadebo, M.D.
Bass, Barry, M.D.
Bogomolny, Yefim, M.D.
Doyle, Peter, M.D.
Ferrario, Lara, M.D.
Foster, Eric, M.D.
Friedman, Kyle, M.D.
Ghelber, Oscar, M.D.
Gilmore IV, Clarence E., M.D.
Henderson, Kimberly L., M.D.
Hoeffer, Heidi, M.D.
Ignacio, Craig, M.D.
Jain, Ranu, M.D.
Johnson, Sonya A., M.D.
Lam, Nick, M.D.
Maposa, Douglas, M.D.
Melnikov, Vladimir, M.D.
Missouri, Shairko, M.D.
Panthayi, Sreelatha, M.D.
Patil, Minakshi J., M.D.
Perez, Ibsen, M.D.
Price, Marilu, Ph.D.
Ranganathan, Govindaraj, M.D.
Ravindran, Poopulli, M.D.
Riha, Karel, M.D.
Rupasinghe, Madhu, M.D.
Schmitz, Bettina, M.D.
Smith, Latisha, M.D.
Su, Young, M.D.
Suarez-Mendoza, Alex, M.D.
Valderrama, Odette, M.D.
Vogt-Harenkamp, Christiane C. , M.D.
Zhou, Shao Feng, M.D.

Amerman, Karen, CRNA
Borglund, Rory, CRNA
Smith, Thomas

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