Blue Book Electives

What Is A"Blue Book Elective" Anyway?

Blue Book Electives are extracurricular courses on topics not covered in the core curriculum. They are typically given during the noon hour or after hours.  A student who has met the required standard of participation can get credit for completion via a note to his or her permanent file (the bluebook).

These courses are not required for graduation, nor are they regularly scheduled. They are formally endorsed by the school but, since they are not graded, the student will not receive a transcript listing.

Please note that all courses will operate under the auspices of the Curriculum Committee and are presented to the Curriculum Committee for approval and review on either an annual or bi-annual basis. The Curriculum Committee will exercise specific ruling on the proper placement of any course.

Blue Book Electives 2013-2014
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Blue Book Electives 2011-2012
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For more information on Blue Book Electives please contact Alicia Howard in the Office of Educational Programs.

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