Alternate Pathway

An "Alternate Pathway" curriculum was implemented at the Medical School in the Fall of 1991 for those medical students with special backgrounds or considerations. This Pathway was established to allow students to decelerate the pace of the basic science curriculum and in its current form allows them to take the first year curriculum over a two-year period.

A student may opt and be allowed, after academic advisement, to enter the Alternate Pathway immediately upon entering medical school or at any time during the first twelve weeks of each semester in the first academic year. This option for the student must be approved by the Associate Dean for Student Affairs with the discretion for review of the circumstances by the Student Evaluation and Promotion Committee (SEPC). After the twelfth week of each semester, a student may be allowed to enter the Alternate Pathway only with special administrative review and permission. Students considering the Alternate Pathway should talk to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs.

Guidelines for student promotion on this "Alternate Pathway" are identical to those for students following the "traditional pathway." A student not in good standing academically must petition the Student Evaluation and Promotion Committee for permission to change to the Alternate Pathway.

For more information check out the Policy and Guidelines for Evaluation and Promotion of Medical Students

Contact the Assistant Dean for Educational Programs
Contact: Sheela Lahoti, M.D.
Location: Jesse Jones Library 304
Telephone: (713) 500-5160


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