Guidelines for New Program Directors

  1. Notify the GME Office with a letter of Nomination and a copy of the New Program Director's CV. Per ACGME Common Program Requirement II.A.1 and ACGME Institutional Requirement III.B.3.b., a change in Program Director must be approved by the institution's Graduate Medical Education Committee. The GMEC appointment process may be reviewed here. After approval, the program director must submit this change to the ACGME via the webADS for approval by the appropriate RRC.
  2. Review, and periodically re-review the ACGME Common Program Requirements.
  3. Review, and periodically re-review the ACGME requirements for your specialty.
  4. Review, and periodically re-review the ACGME Institutional Requirements.
  5. Review the Program Director’s Reference Guide
  6. Review the last accreditation letter from the ACGME, noting all citations and any correspondence.
  7. Attend the monthly Graduate Medical Education Committee meetings.
  8. Consider joining the Program Directors’ organization for your specialty.