Document Requirements for International Medical School Graduates

The Texas Medical Board and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services require that certain documents be reviewed and be present in your file should you be accepted into a residency/fellowship position. International Medical School Graduates who are candidates for UTMSH residency and fellowship positions must be accompanied to the GME Office by the program residency coordinator and personally present the original documents listed below AND one set of 8-½ inch by 11-inch certified photocopies. Please remember that in order to be processed for a residency or clinical fellowship position, all of the requirements must be met BEFORE a program can release an appointment agreement to you. Failure to provide documents during the interview process may cause delay in your residency/fellowship start date.


A translation is defined as one that a government official, official translation agency, or college or University Official performs which is on the official letterhead of that official agency.The translator must certify that it is a true word-for-word translation into English to the best of his/her KNOWLEDGE, that he/she is fluent in the language, and that he/she is qualified to translate original documents. The translator must sign his/her name and place their title under the signature. Translations by friends or family members are not acceptable.

A certified photocopy is a photocopy that has been compared to the original by a Notary who then notarizes it as a "True and Exact Copy of the Original Document." The notary must sign each page of the document.


  1. Medical School Diploma - Original language and translation
  2. Medical School Transcripts and Mark Sheets for EACH medical school attended - Original language and translation - Must show courses and grades.
  3. Medical School Clerkship Hours - Must show clock hours for each specialty and must have the name of applicant shown - Original language and translation. If there is not a record of an individual's clerkships, then the applicant must present a letter from the school that lists which clerkships are in the training program and how many hours are assigned to each. A transcript of weeks or days in a clerkship is not sufficient unless there is a statement somewhere on the document that translates the days/weeks into hours, such has 1 week = 40 hours.
  4. Medical School Dean's Letter - Original language and translation
  5. ECFMG Certificate - Must be valid indefinitely
  6. Name Change Documentation - If there is a change of name from that which is listed on the candidate's documents, a marriage certificate or other documentation of legal name change must be provided. Remember to supply a translation if the document is not in English.
  7. Present photo identification and supply a photocopy. Acceptable forms of identification include a passport, resident alien card, or US Driver's License
  8. German graduated will need to provide their four exam results with translations: Arztliche Vorprufung, Ersten Abschnitt Prufung, Zweiten Abschnitt Prufung& Arztliche Prufung.

Fifth Pathway Students

  1. Fifth Pathway Certificate - Fifth Pathway applicants must submit a copy of his/her Fifth Pathway certificate showing the completion of the supervised clinical year.
  2. Fifth Pathway Letter - Fifth Pathway applicants must have the director of his/her Fifth Pathway program submit a letter outlining the methods used to evaluate and admit the applicant to the program.