TurningPoint from Turning Technologies is an audience response system that allows lecturers to receive immediate feedback, using a simple combination of PowerPoint slides and remote control-style devices called “clickers”.  The quiz and polling data collected in the lecture hall is automatically captured and displayed using the TurningPoint system, a process which provides lecturers with immediate feedback. The TurningPoint platform is adaptable to virtually any lecture-style learning environment where a computer and projection system is present.

***NOTE: Beginning on August 9, 2013 the medical school will be moving to Version 5 of the TurningPoint software.  Users should use the link below to update their software and note that, following a one-time conversion in TurningPoint 5, presentations will no longer be compatible with older versions of the software***





Training and Support

To reserve clickers please email:
Alicia Howard alicia.howard@uth.tmc.edu

For other training or support please email:
Litao Wang M.Ed. litao.wang@uth.tmc.edu