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Founding Members

Dr. Eugene Boisaubin

Dr. Maximillian Buja

Dr. Patricia Butler

Dr. John McMahon

Dr. Philip Orlander

Dr. John Ribble

Dr. Gary Rosenfeld (Academy of Master Educators Chairman)

Dr. Margaret Uthman


AME Committees

These members will work closely with committees to assure that Academy standards are understood by the UTMSH community and that the issues pertaining to educators are considered. They are responsible for the AME newsletter in addition to determining the winner of the annual Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Executive Committee oversees and governs all team functions to ensure the fulfillment of the AME mission and vision. It is made up of the Director, Program Manager, leaders of all committees/teams, in addition to immediate past committee team leaders, and the Associate Dean for Educational Programs.

Faculty Development
This committee plans, develops and organizes the journal club, workshops, seminars, grand rounds and conferences including the 2 annual anchor events, the Spring Education Symposium and the Fall Faculty Development Day. They are responsible for the promotion of these events.

Grants and Awards
This committee is responsible for the creation of standards and selection of innovative proposals for grants and awards to academy and non-academy members.


This committee determines if applicants have met the teaching and scholarship standards embodied in the model portfolios. They are responsible for the training of the selection panel and for the rigorous review process of the applications.


These members will refine the model portfolios to ensure that all faculty have a standard of reference during their application process. This teams works to define and determine the procedures and process for application to the Academy.

Web Development
This committee is responsible for the building and upkeep of the AME web site and will serve as the webmasters in addition to the AME web-Coordinator.

This committee will organize activities related to providing guidance and support in the educational career development of junior faculty. Members will also organize peer evaluation activities which may include the direct observation and evaluation of lectures, clinical teaching and other teaching activities. They are active in providing workshops and one-to-one consultations to AME applicants.

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Academy of Master Educator
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