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MD/MPH Program

The MD/MPH is a combined degree program (please see the flyer) sponsored by the Medical School and the School of Public Health. It prepares the student of medicine for a career in academia or in specialized areas of medicine that are not taught as part of the traditional medical school curriculum. These areas include but are not limited to clinical research, community medicine, epidemiology, occupational medicine, preventive medicine, public health administration, and public health policy.

The program may be completed in four years. Another option is a five-year program in which the student spends one fall and spring semester as a full-time student at the School of Public Health, usually between the third and fourth years of the medical school curriculum.

When do I apply to the MD/MPH program?

For the four-year program students can apply to the School of Public Health after they are accepted to the Medical School (deadline Mar. 1). A spring acceptance will enable enrollment in the summer prior to the first year of the medical school curriculum.

How do I apply to the MD/MPH program?

Application instructions and deadlines are available on the School of Public Health's website. Letters of recommendation can be supplied by the Medical School. You do not have to take the GRE. If you plan to apply, please contact Dr. Laura Benjamins for advice (713/500-6548).

Is financial aid available?

Financial aid is available for portions of the curriculum that are not covered by financial aid for medical school.

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